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Manakeep 728x90
(May 10, 2016)
Poll on Community Forge is up and ready to hear from you! Last day to vote is May 15th, 11:59pm(23:59). All comments are welcome on the corresponding post as well!
(May 08, 2016)
Loven this server all
(May 07, 2016)
Website looks Badass
(May 06, 2016)
Had to restart server because there were some issues. Looks like there was an ark update so we'll have to wait till Draven gets home to bring the server back up. Thanks for you partience and sorry for the inconvenience
(May 05, 2016)
Ill be binge watching netflix until the new server comes out.
(May 04, 2016) I could see any number of you doing this. So mean...
(May 02, 2016)
Anybody else super happy your not met with the super loud music anymore? This one if 100% more welcoming imo. I loved the other one but ouch e.e
(May 02, 2016)
everything working fine now.
(May 01, 2016)
draven updated the servers mods, can you get in now?
(May 01, 2016)
It says im not running the latest version of the modD: but nothing is installing. helppppp - SunnyD
(May 01, 2016)
can't connect because of the mod.
(May 01, 2016)
cant connect to server:( mods outdated
(May 01, 2016)
Hope you all like this month's look for the website. Gotta keep things fresh! Let me know if anything is hard to read.
(Apr 30, 2016)
Notice: Indoblack is on mercy till 5/1. Also please vote on banners and music!
(Apr 30, 2016)
The maze is finally done! We'll hold an event when I get on later today, around 9 or 10 EST. Be there!
(Apr 27, 2016)
Get your banners and music choices into me by the 28th! Check forums for info!
(Apr 22, 2016)
Hi all! :)
(Apr 19, 2016)
still trying, with no luck:(
(Apr 19, 2016)
Server wipe has commenced! The server is live now!
(Apr 18, 2016)
NOTICE: Please scroll down an read the NEWS article on the HOME page, or check out the newest news post about the server wipe!